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Sandra Hyett My sister, Sandra Hyett, has been making jewelry for several years now and is very good at it. We decided to set up a web page to sell some of her beautiful creations and some of my other stuff.

Sandra’s bio: After a 22-year stint in Iowa and 40 years in Texas, I got smart and moved to Mount Ida, Arkansas, the Quartz Crystal Capital of the World. My brother and sister-in-law were mining and selling these beautiful crystals, and I decided they would be nice worn as jewelry. I had no knowledge of how to wrap crystals, so started the learning process. I learned from people like Dale Cougar Armstrong for basic wire wrapping. Then I discovered wire weaving from Nicole Hanna and Lisa Barth and started trying to add that to crystals. This was challenging but fun. Now, I am embarking on polymer clay and leather, and am very much in the learning stages of these.

We have a great place for our local artists to display their art – Ouachita Artists in Mt. Ida – and I joined with them a couple of years ago. I added other jewelry, such as rings and earrings. One lady pointed out that due to arthritis; it was difficult to wear a ring, so I began making adjustable rings. I also discovered ear cuffs and began making them for people who don’t have pierced ears, or don’t care to wear them, or wish to wear them along with the pierced ones. But my love continues to remain with the crystals. All of this is a great diversion from my real profession as Doctor of Physical Therapy, of which I will celebrate 50 years next year.

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Brown leather wrapped 2" pendant point

Purple leather wrapped 1.5" pendant point.

Purple leather wrapped 2" pendant point.
$20.00 (Sold)

Adjustable argentium beaded ring. Fits size 7-9.

Adjustable copper wire weave ring.
$15.00 (Sold)

Copper wire-woven ring with crystal. Size 8.

Copper wire-woven Treble Clef with rainbow quartz.

Clear crystal wrapped with gold.
$20.00 (Sold)

Copper wire-woven Wavelite pendant.

Copper wire-woven peacock pendant.
$30.00 (Sold)

Silver cross with rainbow crystal pendant.

Clear crystal wire-woven with orange craft wire pendant.
$20.00 (Sold)

Opal crystal wire-wrapped with argentium silver with Razorback.

Copper wire-woven stone pendant.

Unique 5.5" radiated cluster

Aqua coated quartz
$10.00 (Sold)

Cactus quartz
$10.00 (Sold)

Aqua coated quartz
$20.00 (Sold)

Aqua coated quartz
$10.00 (Sold)

Silver wrapped crystal pendant embellished with polimer clay figurenes.
$40.00 (Sold)

Brown leather wrapped 2" pendant point
$20.00 (Sold)

Silver wrapped crystal pendant embellished with polimer clay figurenes.
$45.00 (Sold)

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How To Order

How to order: My preferred method is for you to send me an Email request with the items you want and your mailing address. I will then email you an invioce with payment instructions. You can also phone in your request (870) 867-2443 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm CST. You can also write to Stuart Schmitt, 60 Mary's Eagle Trail, Mount Ida, AR 71957. I offer a money back guarantee on all my crystal sales. If you're not satisfied, simply return the crystal and I'll refund your money.

Shipping: Shipping cost will be added to the order. I ship U.S. Post Office Priority Mail within the US and use the USPS Postal Calculator to determine shipping costs. I can get 2 pounds in the small flat rate box for $9.45 shipping cost. I can get about 20 pounds of crystals in the medium Priority Mail flat rate box for $16.10 shipping cost.

2 Payment Options:
(1) I accept personal checks or money orders (in USD) from US banks and will ship upon receipt of payment.

(2) I accept payment via PayPal for orders over $40. You can log in to your PayPal account and "send money" to

I would appreciate your prompt payment when you receive the email invoice since we do not have room to store your order. My shipping department (wife) gets upset when orders sit around on her dining room table waiting for payment.