Digging Crystal With Melody At The MGM Grand

Who is Melody?  Melody is a very nice lady who happens to be the author of the series of books "Love Is In The Earth".  She owns some property near Mount Ida that just happens to have some quartz crystal in the earth.  She calls the area Melody Green Mine (MGM) Grand.  On October 31 we moved my track hoe to the MGM Grand and started digging.

Old Yeller the track hoe

Melody hired Randy to operate the track hoe and coordinate the digging operations.  We got about four inches of rain that helped make the clay in the pockets a little stickey and MMMM good.

Randy & Melody

Randy & Tim

Melody in the MMMM

The quartz crystal is found in pockets of quartz filled with clay. Once in a while you will find a dry pocket (no clay inside).

Dry pocket

Randy, Melody & Tim checking things out

Randy Melody, Tim & Tim checking things out.

The wet pit

Melody digging

More digging

Friends stopped by to play in the MMMM stuff and try their hand at digging crystal.

Tim with a big cluster.

Kristen checking out a crystal

Linda getting in to her work.

After a big day at the MGM Grand we spent some time relaxing and telling stories.

Randy on the back deck

Melody & Steve

Linda & Melody

They diggers delivered the crystals to my home and I rinsed them off so Melody could pick out what she wanted to keep.  The last step was wrapping and boxing them to ship to Colorado.

Randy & Melody wrapping crystal.

Melody wrapping.

Bear (my crystal dog) helping.